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The Group of Companies “UNITEX”

The exclusive distributor of such brands as DENNERLE GmbH, JBL GmbH & Co. KG to Russia.
A full scope of professional goods for aquariums, terrariums and ponds.
Has a wide dealer network in all regions of Russia
Popularization of modern trends, approaches and techniques in Aquarium Art.


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JBL GmbH & Co. KG

The world-wide recognized producer of goods designed for aquariums, terrariums and ponds whose high quality is based on long-term experience of aquariumists and scientific research.

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The worldwide leader in producing goods for plant aquariums. The high quality of products is provided due to the many years’ experience in growing of aquarium plants in own nursery-gardens.

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To be taught by Nature and to re-create Nature – this is the fundamental principle and philosophy of this world-recognized Japanese company under the direction of Mr. Takashi Amano, the founder of Nature Aquarium concept. Everything you need to create a modern plant aquarium.

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The official distributor of Aqua Design Amano in Russia. The founder of the Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest. The professional fresh and sea water aquarium husbandry of high quality. Professional standards for modern aquaria.



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AquaScaping World.com

Created in February 2008 has rapidly become one of the most popular web-sites in the world. ASW was founded by amateurs of Nature Aquarium aiming to popularize and develop our beautiful hobby.The ASW users are proposed a lot of information shared by professional aquascapers all over the world.

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The Ukranian National internet-forum for Aquarium & Terrarium amateurs


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Russian Interregional on-line store of Aquarium&Terrarium husbandry


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Aquaria hobbyists Internet Portal "AQA.ru - Clear World"

The largest Russian aquarium Internet resource you'll ever need. Tens of thousands of photographs over a million posts on the forum and other useful services.

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Internet Portal AQUAPLANTS.RU

The expert and competent internet resource AQUAPLANTS.RU is a big discussion board for all plant aquariumists both professionals and amateurs, including followers of Nature Aquarium concept.

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The Association of Bielorussian Aquariumists

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Tashkent Aquarium Web-site

The first internet site dedicated to aquarium husbandry in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. The full information on aquarium husbandry in the capital of Uzbekistan.

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Aquarium art in KAZAKHSTAN

Internet community of people trully fascinated by Aquarium Art. The mission of Forum is to develop and maintain modern trends in aquarium husbandry in Kazakhstan.

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“AQUARIUM” Magazine

The only Russian periodical that has been giving coverage to questions on aquarium &terrarium husbandry for more than 19 years.

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Murmansk Aquarium Club – MurmAqua.ru

At this internet source you can find a lot of articles devoted to Aquarium and all related topics,the detailed information about all pet-stores of the city, help and support for beginners, discussion platform to share ideas and opinions.