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The terms and conditions of participation in the Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2012

► 1. Anyone of any citizenship, nationality and a place of residence is invited to take part. The participation is free of charge. All the terms and conditions are equal to all the participants.
► 2. One participant can apply only one layout.

► 3. Fresh water plant aquariums of any size and volume are permitted to be used. All the registered works will be estimated by the jury in accordance with “JUDGING CRITERIA AND GUIDELINES”. 

► 4. In case an open aquarium is used only its under-water part is to be assessed.
► 5. The usage of houseplants and marginal plants which can hardly survive in the water will cause points’ deduction.
► 6. To be eligible for the contest the aquarium should be photo-shooted from its front side so that it could be observed in whole. Images made at an angle and images of the separate parts of the aquarium in case of absence of the front-sided one will cause points’ deduction or even disqualification.
► 7. The images should be made only by digital cameras with 4.0 and higher megapixel resolution, by reflex cameras SLR. Please make images in high resolution mode. The images should be saved in JPEG or TIF and named without any Cyrillic or special symbols.
► 8. Insignificant general adjustment of an image by a graphic editor is admitted e.g. correcting of levels, curves, white balance, reasonable sharpening, etc., that does not change the original content of the image. The adjustment must be arranged only with a purpose to reflect maximum properly a view of the aquarium itself.
      All the forms of editing and assembling that can change the placement, size, and number of separate composition’s elements are strictly prohibited.
    In case there are any doubts on the usage of some photo-editor by the participant the Organizing Committee has a right to delay or stop participation even bringing the issue up for discussion by the Special Committee. The Committee’s composition, an order of the issue consideration on admission to the contest is the exclusive right of the Organizing Committee. A decision on disqualification is rendered taking into account an opinion of the Chairman of the jury. Such a decision can be taken out any time during the contest till the official announcement of the Contest’s results.
► 9. While sending your layout please note the following information must be mentioned
- Your full name (first name, surname, patronimic name if any)
- Your location (or your address), the country
- Contact telephone (with the country code and the code of your location if any)
- E-mail
- Information on the aquarium characteristics: dimensions (in sentimetres), volume, used plants, invertebrates and fish.
- Additional information on soil usage, lightening, CO2 system, filtration and etc. is much welcomed as well.
► 10. The layout (along with the information mentioned in point 9) can be applied to the Organizing Committee till August 31, 2012 by the following means:

-  In electronic format bringing it directly to the office of NEOMARIN Company
- By filling in an electronic application form on the site and sending it by e-mail to the Organizing Committee. In return you will receive the Information Letter of the Organizing Committee with a notification about its acceptance and an e-mail about its registration.
In case of missing the deadline layouts will not be admitted to the Contest.
► 11. The layout which will receive the maximum quantity of points and will be marked as best by a separate judge will receive 15 additional points to the total sum.


The Organizing Committee of the Russian Open Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2011 reserves the right to use photos of the layouts which participated in the Contest including their publication and duplicating at the Committee’s sole discretion.


The participant is not allowed to withdraw his/her work from the Contest.






1. The general art impression. Мaximum – 100 points. The beauty and level of perfection of an aquarium in whole are estimated.

2. Technical point.

    2.1. Creativity. (Мaximum – 20 points)The judge estimate the level of creative originality and impression on a spectator. Whether the original idea of the aquascaper is expressed in the layout or no. The use of house plants or marginal plants, which hardly survive in water, becomes the subject of point deduction.
    2.2. The general balance of a composition and plants. (Мaximum – 20 points) According to this criteria, the judges evaluate the balance of underwater landscape, the harmony of plants placement and their correspondence to all layout as a whole as well as, on the balance of color and form of the plants, on the one hand, and aquascape on the other.

    2.3. Harmony between fish and layout design. (Мaximum – 20 points) By this criteria the judges estimate the harmony between the fishes occupying an aquarium and aquascape. Combination of colors, sizes, swimming method, behavior of fishes and aquascape.

   2.4. Sense of natural atmosphere. (Мaximum – 20 points) Whether the aquascape expresses creator's individual vision of nature.

3. Uniqueness and novelty of the layout. Maximum - 15 points.   




Grand Prize      100 000 RUR    (~ $ 3000)

Gold Prize          50 000 RUR      (~ $ 1650)


Silver Prize         30 000 RUR      (~ $ 1000)


Bronze Prize       20 000 RUR      (~ $ 650)


The best works will be awarded by prizes and gifts in special nominations set forth by sponsors and partners of the Contest.